Louie D. Cacchioli
E-Mail: Louiecacch@yahoo.com


PROFILE: Highly organized and skilled in time management with the ability to efficiently meet project deadlines.
Able to multitask a variety of responsibilities and challenges.

Jan 2002 - Current Activist Various Locations

"Director of International Affairs" - World Police & Fire Games (2011)
Tour guide - Providing guided tours at WTC site through Tribute WTC 9/11 Visitor Center
(For info, see: www.tributeWTC.org)
Active in litigation against the financial supporters of the Al-Quida terrorist organization.
Took part in "Take Back the Memorial" campaign which opposed and successfully blocked the controversial proposed Ground Zero International Freedom Center.
Appeared in film: United by Terror (Documentary - UK, 2005)
Interviewed for: 60 Minutes (CBS Television)(Air Date - August 09, 2002)
Appeared on the television programs: Richard & Judy Show (UK), Good Morning America (ABC Television), and CNN Then and Now with Larry King (Air Date - Dec 2005) Imus in the Morning (2001)
Promotional tour for the photo project: Faces of Ground Zero: A Photographic Tribute to America's Heroes (2001-2002 & 2006)
Featured in the Life photo books: "One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001" (2001), "Faces of Ground Zero: Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001" (2002), and "The American Spirit: Meeting the Challenge of September 11" (2002).
Interviewed for the book: "Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts" by The Editors of Popular Mechanics (Hearst, 2006)

Jan 1982 - Jan 2002 Fire Department of New York City Morningside Heights, N.Y.

Fire Engine Company no. 47
Active in World Trade Center recovery operation (Ground Zero). (2001-02)
Took part in evacuation of World Trade Center complex during major terrorist attack. Evacuated numerous civilians from 23rd-floor of North Tower. (September 11, 2001)
"Outstanding Performance Award" by Community Board of Harlem. (December 1999)
Received unite citation "for conspicuous service and excellent performance of duty during department operations" at Hamilton Hotel fire. (November 1996)
Was active in firewatch duty during World Trade Center Complex renovations. (1993)
Was interviewed for New York Daily News article. (30 December 1985, p.03.)

New York City Community College, Brooklyn, N.Y. - Accounting
Long Island City High School, Queens, N.Y.

Recently finished writing the book: Soldier of a War That Never Ends
References available upon request